Cool running…

Get ready for even more superlatives than usual.

I had an absolutely sensational run tonight. It was amazing!

I had my heartrate zones reassessed last week. For some time Coach and I had felt they might be a bit out of whack. Let’s face it, there is literally no comparison to where I was a year ago when I first had them done. We knew they were really wrong for my biking, and even I would have to admit that my running had become, well, comfortable.

So after a particularly taxing ramp test last week (taxing for me because I was the one pedalling – but taxing for Coach because my heart rate monitor was all over the place and he couldn’t get readings!) I have two new sets of heart rate zones – one for the bike and one for running. Both sets of zones have jumped up significantly. I’m hoping that’s because I’m fitter and faster than I was a year ago. Surely?

Anyway, it was with some trepidation that I headed out for my run after work – and not just because I was aiming for a really high heart rate zone – its absolutely freezing at the moment!

I hit the ground running and really, well, ran!

I won’t pretend it wasn’t hard because it was bloody hard. I also forgot my MP3 player (actually its lost somewhere in my wardrobe but that’s another story) so for the first time in ages I had to listen to my own panting, which always seems to make it more difficult. I couldn’t quite hit the zone I was after, just a few beats under, but still managed to run for 45 minutes at nearly 20 more than before!

Six kilometres later and I had knocked just over 15 minutes off my time around that block.


Of course I’m feeling it now and I expect to feel it every step of tomorrow’s run, but even so, STOKED!

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